LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)
LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)
LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)
LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)
LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)
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LUX MONSTER LED Rock Lights (White)

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Brightest LED Rock Light Your Money Can Buy



The All New MONSTER from LUX is HERE!

The brightest and broadest light coverage your money can buy in a rock light. Drawing over 10 watts and blasting out over 1400 lumens the Monster outperforms competitors rock lights over 10 times it size! 

Size Matters

How does LUX produce so much light from such a small package? The patented magnetic mounting system from LUX moves heat from the LED's into the mounting surface where the heat is dissipated - Keeping our lights nice and cool, our lights small,  and our output unbeaten. 

Our competitors...... well.... as they try to compete with our output they just keep getting bigger, and bigger.... and bigger - trying to dissipate the heat through big bulky obnoxious aluminum housings. 

Of course the LUX patented magnetic mounting system makes installation a breeze! No screwing, gluing or taping required. Just place on a flat metal surface and it is on! The MONSTER features the largest and highest strength magnet we have ever put on a rock light. 

All our magnets are triple coated for unbeatable protection! First a nickel coating for hardness and strength, then copper for improved heat transfer, then epoxy for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Just another example of how we continually look to improve our products..... not make them cheaper.

This 8 piece set is perfect for ALL vehicles regardless of wheelbase. 8 Lights are ideal for even and complete ground coverage.

Set Includes:

(4) MONSTER White LED rock lights with 10 foot leads

(4) MONSTER White LED rock lights with 20 foot leads

Optional Installation Kit: 


Waterproof Billet Aluminum.Perfect for new installations if you don't have an existing AUX switch system. Comes with everything you need for a quick clean and professional installation. Simply connect the red and black battery wires to your vehicles battery, mount the switch and connect to the included switch lead wires, run your light wires into the box and connect to the color coded screw terminals.... that's it! 

Single zone operation only.


Pro-Installer for AUX switch Systems: 

Waterproof Billet Aluminum.Perfect if you have an SPOD, Switch Pros, OEM Aux switches or any other aftermarket switch system. Simply connect the black wire from the box to any ground, connect your AUX switch output wires to the input wires of the box, run your light wires into the box and connect to the color coded screw terminals......thats it!

Can be configured as single or dual zone operation. 


Once again... LUX sets the bar to a new height with the all new MONSTER!