AEV Hemi Builder Kit for 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK & JK Unlimited 6.4L VVT LHD
AEV Hemi Builder Kit for 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK & JK Unlimited 6.4L VVT LHD
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AEV Hemi Builder Kit for 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK & JK Unlimited 6.4L VVT LHD

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If you’ve dreamed of having a V8-powered JK and are something of a do-it-yourself type, AEV makes it simple. Designed for shade-tree mechanics and professionals alike, AEV’s V8 HEMI Builder Kit includes everything you need to complete the swap with factory-like results.

When considering a V8 conversion, it’s important to look at more than just the power potential. AEV’s HEMI V8 Builder Kit also provides ease of installation, with great features like no-measure motor mounts, a perfectly fitted exhaust, a custom radiator bottle that means no clumsy relocation, and a wiring harness that is literally plug-and-play. And speaking of wiring harnesses, it’s important to look at reliability and serviceability. AEV’s wiring harness uses all OE connectors, all factory color-coded wires and has every single circuit computer tested before you receive it.

So if you’ve dreamed of having a V8-powered JK, look no further than AEV’s HEMI V8 Builder Kit. It makes the conversion simple and it delivers factory results. Check out AEV’s Kit Contents list to get an idea of all that’s included.

6.4L Hemi Kits also include an additional $450 core charge for the intake, returned when a brand new 6.4L intake is returned.

Engine and Transmission Not Included.

Parts Included:
  • AEV Motor Mounts
  • AEV Transmission mount
  • AEV Transmission Crossmember
  • AEV Steel Battery Tray (Fits OE or Optima Group 31)
  • AEV Steering Relocation Bracket and Hardware
  • AEV Air Filter Shield
  • K&N Air Filter
  • AEV Modified Intake Manifold
  • AEV Aluminum Cross-flow Radiator
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
  • AEV Coolant Recovery bottle
  • AEV 100% Computer-tested wiring harness
  • Custom Flashed Computer (PCM)
  • AEV CNC Bent 3 Piece Air Conditioning Line Set and Hardware
  • AEV CNC Bent 2 Piece Power Steering Line Set
  • AEV CNC Bent Fuel line
  • Complete Decal Package
  • AEV / Flowmaster High-flow Exhaust with Catalytic Converters
  • AEV ProCal Module
  • Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler
  • Transcooler Hoses and Clamps
  • Spring Spacers (to correct ride height)

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