JKS Compact Jam Nut Wrench
JKS Compact Jam Nut Wrench
JKS Compact Jam Nut Wrench
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JKS Compact Jam Nut Wrench

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Properly torque down your jam nuts with the JKS 1-7/8" jam nut wrench without having to remove the control arms from your Jeep

This compact wrench allows you to get into tight places with the control arms installed on the Jeep and easily tighten or loosen the jam nuts.

This is a must have tool in your Jeep.

  • Made of 3/8" laser cutting low carbon steel with a durable black e-coated finish, these wrenches are both unique and functional.
  • They work in multiple positions when coupled with a standard 1/2 " drive ratchet.
  • The ratchet can be indexed for the optimum position and leverage. Contact is made with all 6 sides of the nut similar to a line wrench for brake fittings.
  • While designed to be used to lock off jam nuts on JKS adjustable track bars, these wrenches can be used for any track bar, control arm, etc with standard 1-7/8" jam nuts.
  • A good no-slip grip on the nut lessens the chance of bloody knuckles! Compact design, about 1/4 the length of a standard wrench, easily fits in the front pouch of a standard tool bag or Jeep center console and saves tool box space.
  • Equivalent wrench size is 1-7/8" (JKS 1696) or is 1-1/2" (JKS 1695)


Please note that the wrench/ratchet depicted in the picture is intended for illustrative purposes only.